International Youth Weekend & Dealercup (eng)


Motor club Boekel will host the International Youth Weekend and Dealercup in 2013. The club will be supported by Joint Forces Projects in this event organization. All riders regardless of what their regular license or nation is can race at the International Youth Weekend and battle for the prizes. 




The event will start on friday, July 12th 2013 with in the evening a riders presentation, where there will be a short briefing for the riders, and an introduction for al riders of each country.


Riders info:



1: 50cc/PW 5 up to 9 years 10min+1lap
2: 65cc Small wheels 6 up to 11 years 10min+1lap
3: 65cc Big wheels 7 up to 12 years 10min+1lap
4: 85cc Small wheels 10 up to 13 years 12min+1lap
5: 85cc Big wheels 11 up to 15 years 15min+1lap
6: 125cc 2-stroke 13 up to 17 years 15min+1lap
7: 250cc Open class 14 up to 23 years 15min+1lap
8: Dealer Cup Juniors from 15 years 15min+1lap
9: Dealercup Inters from 15 years 20min+1lap


In the 250cc Open class you can compete with either a 250cc 4-stroke and 250cc 2-stroke



19:30 Group photo
20.30 Riders Presentation


08:30 Training
11:45 Races first heats 
15:30 Races second heats
19:15 End of the races
19:45 Animated movie played on big screen 

09:00 Training and races for group 1-3
11:45 Races first heats and second heats group 1-3
15:30 Pricegiving ceremony group 1-3 

16:15 Races second heats

18:30 End of the races and pricegiving ceremony rest of the groups 


 Register RegisterClick here Click here to register, also for the Dealer Cup, only the team manager for the Dealer Cup registers online the team riders can be confirmd later.


Lap around the track: 

Click HERE for the "Lap around the track" video 



MC Boekel will organize their catering entirely by it selves (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and will adapt the range of products on the weekend needs for both riders and spectators. There will be healthy and varied meals, fresh sandwiches, the usual fried range, and every morning, fresh bread, juice and coffee available. The best parts of the catering is that it is  affordable, fresh and fast.


Grand Prix live on screen.

The fans of Jeffrey Herlings and other World Championship contenders do not have to miss a second of the GP of Finland, which will be shown on screens in the public area


Dealer Cup.

The Dealer Cup is a team race, every team has 3 riders, a team has to rigister via an motocross dealer/shop or team. 

The Dealer Cup will be held on satruday, all 3 teammeders ride all 3 heats. 


All 9 results per team count for the final result.


The starting position for the weekend will be decided by a timed training, the fastest time of the fastest teammember will count.


Registerfee for Dealer Cup Juniors € 75,- for Dealer Cup Inters € 120,-


Register now


Youth races.

On both Saturday and Sunday there are races for the youth classes counting for the weekend result. The riders will race two races on both days, so there are four results which all count. On Sunday evening there will be a prize giving ceremony for the top 5 finishers. The goal for Joint Forces Projects is to have the best youth line up at the gate possible, with riders from all over Europe and other continents.


Entree fee for the International Youth Weekend:

From 16 years and older

€ 10,- for the whole weekend



For the classes 85cc Big wheels 125cc 2-stroke 250cc Open and Dealer Cup we have got pricemoney by following scedule:


85cc Big wheels 125cc 2-stroke 250cc Open & Dealer Cup Juniors (per team)


1ste € 150,-
2de € 100,-
3de € 50,-

Dealer Cup Inters:


1ste € 500,-
2de € 250,-
3de € 150,-



The Camping at the circuit is opened from Friday 12th of July 09:00 till Monday 15th of July 17:00. There are shower- and toilet-units available.

There is also a possibility to use electricity this is on a seperate part of the paddock.

Note: when you want to use electricity you have to notice it in the online registration form.


Opening hours for vehicle entrance and exit.


Friday 12-07-2013 09.00 - 22.00
Saturday 13-07-2013 07.00 - 22.00
Sunday 14-07-2013

07.00 - 22.00

Monday 15-07-2013 09.00 - 17.00



The places for participants at the camping/paddock will be picked by the organisation.

Participants are required to follow the instructions of the organisation and club-officials.


It is not allowed to ride with scooters, minibikes or other motorised bikes in the paddock/camping and access roads connected to the paddock/camping, violation of this will be followed by exclusion from participation. Participants are responsible for their team members.













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